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“Just to say that things have settled down with our son. He is gaming less and finding other things to do. Thank you for your help to My husband and I. It made all the difference.”

“A friend of mine has been singing your praises for the last few years and now that her husband has been to see you they’re being sung even more loudly! It has prompted me into getting in touch with you”

“I initiated contact with Teresa thanks to a personal recommendation, and during a very difficult time of my life. Throughout the 6 months we’ve worked together, I’ve progressed from feeling despair to a level of self awareness that is wholly thanks to Teresa’s skill in using the right technique at the right time.”

“Through guided discussion, Teresa challenged my beliefs and taught mindfulness techniques during a timeline that always felt like we were doing the necessary work at a time when I was ready.”

“It feels like Teresa has combined a deeply intuitive, kind and empathetic approach with some very useful techniques that have helped me unravel my own situation, but also learn a level of consciousness and self awareness for dealing with problems in future.”

“Working with Teresa has transformed the way that I perceive myself and interact with other people, which has had a very positive effect on all aspects of my life.”

“I would absolutely recommend Teresa to others, and am enormously grateful for the personal insight she has helped me achieve.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for getting me through that horrible time in my life, you were brilliant.”

“Just to say thank you so much for your help yesterday – the atmosphere at work is better already!”