About Teresa Wilson

UKCP registered Psychotherapist with more than 20 years experience in the NHS & Private Practice working with individuals, couples and families

I am a member of Elm Therapists, an umberella group of independent therapists who provide peer group supervision, advice and support to each other to ensure highest levels of professional practice and knowledge sharing.

For 18 years I have also been clinical supervisor to therapists working in various modalities, a facilitator for peer groups’ continual professional development, and a leader of team building courses.

Alongside this I have taught and supervised on a number of Doctorate, MA. and Msc., programmes for therapists and supervisors at The Institute of Family Therapy and KCC Foundation. I currently sit on the London AFT Committee, following 3 separate terms on the KCC Council of Systemic Practitioners Committee approving registration to Systemic, Sexual and Family Therapy Section of the UKCP and promoting the development of Professional and Ethical Practice guidelines for its members.

My approach

I work together with clients to find more satisfactory, happier ways forward for people in their day to day lives and relationships. In my Systemic, Individual, Couple and Family Psychotherapy I integrate CBT, Mindfulness and relaxation as appropriate into Systemic Attachment practice. Occasionally, if it fits, there is the option of ‘homework’ or exercises for clients to try outside of the therapy sessions to promote change, but this and all therapy is carried out with the needs and position of the individual, couples or families in mind.

I recognise that people seeking counselling are usually facing difficulties or are at a crossroads in their lives. They may be unsure of what to do next, of whether to make a change to their lives, or of how to go about it if they have decided to do something new. For this reason I try to be flexible around clients’ work and home lives and negotiate sessions over time so that there is no need for anyone to commit for longer than they feel necessary, but equally no one feels that the clock is ticking on the number of sessions they have left.

Following an initial meeting (with no obligation to go on after it) to talk about your needs and to give you a chance to get a feel of how I work and decide if what I offer is right for you, I generally suggest up to 5 sessions, although this is not set in stone, and then review if and how to continue. Some clients find they have done the work they came to do while others feel that further sessions would be helpful to them. Of those some want to keep with the same frequency while others feel they want to continue but with longer gaps between sessions. I look at their preferences and needs and arrange further sessions to cater for them.

My training and qualifications

  • Dip. STTS. (Systemic Teaching .Training and Supervision ) – Roehampton 1993
  • Dip. ST. (Systemic Therapy) – Roehampton 1991


CPD and specialist courses from 1993 to date:-

  • Mindfulness Stress & Anxiety Reduction;
  • CBT
  • Individual Therapy
  • Couple counselling
  • Sex Therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Brief Solution Focussed Practice
  • Child Focussed Practice
  • Business Administration
    (University of Florence – 1973)

My fees

My fees are based on an ethical position of not wishing money to be a barrier to therapy so there is a fee scale guideline depending on your income and you place yourself at the level of your income.